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GDC 2013: ‘Island Escape’ is a Warioware-like Mini-game Collection with a Story to Tell

There have been a few attempts at bringing Warioware-like frantic mini-game collections to iOS, but I’ve always wondered why it wasn’t a more popular idea. The mobile platform is great for these quick-hitting type of experiences.

Kooapps apparently felt the same as they are readying just such a game, though this time the collection of more than 70 mini-games (with about 40 more planned) is connected through an overarching narrative about being a castaway on an island. Check out this hands-on video for Island Escape as Stephanie from Kooapps walks us through some of the mini-games.

Island Escape is just about to enter a beta period and is expected to hit within the next couple of months or so. We’ll bring you news of its release just as soon as we get it.