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GDC 2013: ‘Cubemen 2’ Enters a New Dimension of Options and Features

When developer 3 Sprockets released Cubemen ($0.99) last year, one of the key features that immediately jumped out was its cross-platform compatibility, allowing players to participate in multiplayer battles between iOS, PC (via Steam) and Mac.

We had the opportunity to speak with Seon Rozenblum of 3 Sprockets at GDC on its upcoming sequel, Cubemen 2. With bigger maps, more units, and a load of visual options, Cubemen 2 also shifts gears from a gameplay perspective with a variety of new battle modes, such as ‘Territories,’ a time-based tug-of-war that charges players to ‘claim’ as many tiles as possible by walking over them (while preventing opposing players from claiming tiles previously taken).

I’m digging the changes that 3 Sprockets have made with the core formula in Cubemen 2. The shift to different play modes, combined with the returning multiplayer and wide variety of skins leads to a whole bunch of different ways to play, which certainly isn’t a bad thing.

If you’re curious, hit up the video below as Seon takes us through the large amount of customizability options as well as a few of the game’s included levels and the coveted level editor, which will allow players to create, upload, and download user-created maps across all platforms.