‘Repulze’ Phase 3 Trailer Shows Off AI Opponents and Combat

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When Pixelbite launched their futuristic racer Repulze ($0.99) at the beginning of the year, they had something of a one trick pony on their hands. We really enjoyed it in our review, but it turned out to be more of a time trial type game rather than a full-blown traditional racer. It focused on doing just one kind of thing, and it did it really well. Still, there was a good portion of interested gamers that loved the look and feel of Repulze but yearned for something more substantial.

Pixelbite delivered on their promise to expand the experience by releasing a huge Phase 2 update in early February, which added a set of new tracks in a whole new environment as well as a few new mechanics and upgrades for your vehicles. It was a great update to be sure, but it didn’t address the two biggest requests fans had been making – AI opponents and some form of vehicular combat.

Again Pixelbite is looking to answer those calls as they announced new details about an upcoming Phase 3 update which would add opponents and weapons. The weapon system sounds really cool too, using the same colored gate system that’s used for boosts and sharing its same meter, meaning you’ll have to strategically balance the use of both. Recently Pixelbite released the first trailer showcasing the new Repulze Phase 3 in motion, and it looks really fantastic.

The update is basically completed and in the final testing phases, so should be getting sent off to Apple and hopefully approved without issue in the very near future. I’m really looking forward to it, and I’m surprised by just how much I’ve gotten hooked on Repulze since I’m not usually that into this style of racer. The solo-focused time trial nature of the first two Phases has been a blast, and I’m very curious to see how the game plays with AI opponents and a weapon system in the mix. If you’re excited too, be sure to check out the forum discussion and we’ll let you know when we get word of a release date.

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