TA Plays Bonus: ‘Ridiculous Fishing’ (With Vlambeer)

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We’ve got one last bit of content on Ridiculous Fishing ($2.99) that we think you’ll dig, even if you’ve been cranking away on its core play loop since the game hit last night. Below, is a TA Plays “Bonus" in which Rami and JW from Vlambeer join us for a quick session of the game. They drop some mad knowledge about its creation and mechanics, and do a decent bit of chiding over my inability to fish all that well. Even if you’ve read the reviews, checked out our latest podcast, or got swept up in the pre-release buzz, this is a video that’s worth the watch since we’ve got two of the creators with us.

In case you didn’t know, by the way, Ridiculous Fishing is insanely good. It’s quirky in all the right ways and has an amazing amount of production value. From art, to sound, to controls, this thing sings on the iPhone and iPad. Give it a look if you haven’t yet:

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