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‘Duke Nukem II’ Will Be Celebrating Its 20th Anniversary by Coming to iOS

It’ll be soon be time to kick ass and chew bubble gum, so be sure to stock up on bubble gum as for whatever reason Duke always seems to be out- In honor of Duke Nukem II’s 20th anniversary the game will be headed to iOS. It’s crazy to think that the game was originally released that long ago, but, here we are. If you’re unfamiliar with the title, before Duke went 3D with Duke Nukem 3D ($1.99) it was actually a really fun sidescroller. Take a look at the trailer:

Duke Nukem 3D leaves a lot to be desired on iOS devices, largely because of weird on-screen controls which really never seem to work that well for first person shooters. Sidescrollers, on the other hand, seem to work quite well with virtual controls. The actual release date is TBA, but with the 20th anniversary coming soon, we’re thinking the game will follow closely. The price has been announced, and you’ll be able to enjoy all 32 original Duke II levels for $1.99.