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New ‘Super Stickman Golf 2’ Trailer Released, and It’s Looking Great

One of the sleeper a couple of years ago was Noodlecake GamesSuper Stickman Golf ($2.99), which is basically a physics puzzle game at its heart but its mechanics fit in beautifully with the theme and basic ruleset of golf. It was and is a great single-player game, but one of the big features that really put it on the map was its riotous multiplayer offering. It had you playing with up to 4 players in real-time as you frantically raced against each other to be the person who could get their ball in each cup first. It’s pretty much the best thing ever.

Way back in July of last year, Noodlecake announced Super Stickman Golf 2. Originally planned for 2012, the developers ended up needing a bit more time to get their baby done. But this past January, new details revealed that they would be upping the ante in terms of crazy power-ups and level designs, as well as bringing back the awesome real-time multiplayer mode and adding an oft-requested asynchronous multiplayer mode. Oh, and the local multiplayer mode would be getting a bump up in the number of players from 4 to 8, which I imagine is simply insane.

Well thankfully I don’t have to imagine anymore, as a brand new trailer for Super Stickman Golf 2 has just been released. It showcases how crazy 8 people playing at once will be, as well as showing some of the other additions to the game like new environmental elements and customizable characters. Seriously, it looks sooooo goooood. Check it out.

Super Stickman Golf 2 will feature 16 all-new courses as well as 4 courses taken from the previous game but completely reworked to take advantage of the new game mechanics. They are looking to announce its official release date sometime in March, so keep your eye out for that and drop by the forums for more discussion as we impatiently await the arrival of Super Stickman Golf 2. I really can’t wait.