Coming Tonight: ‘Bunny Hill’, ‘Color Sheep’, ‘Cyto’, ‘The Gods: Rebellion’, ‘House of the Lost Mini’, ‘Year Walk’, and Tons More

How about that PlayStation 4? Eh? Eh? Remote play? Background downloading? PC-like hardware? Better PS Vita integration? Ah well, while that all seems pretty cool these iOS games will be out tonight. 11:00 PM Eastern, or much earlier if you’re not in the US App Store region.


Backflip Madness, 99¢Forum Thread – Are you mad about doing backflips? Well, do I have a high-scoring back-flipping game for you.

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Bunny Hill, FreeForum Thread – Another cute physics game from the makers of Bulba the Cat ($0.99)

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Color Sheep, 99¢Forum Thread – This looks like one of those super-ridiculous games that could only exist on the App Store. A sheep that shoots massive lasers? Well, alright.

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Crazy Monster Whack, FreeForum Thread – Looking for a whack-a-mole style game for your phone? This one looks pretty decent and is free.

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Crystal Defenders Plus, FreeForum Thread – Square’s Crystal Defenders ($6.99) has been out for a while now, but here’s a free version with IAP packs you can unlock if you like the game.

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Cyto, 99¢Forum Thread – This week’s super-cute puzzle game from Chillingo!

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Fallon’s Fury, FreeForum Thread – One of two free promotional games for the upcoming movie Jack the Giant Slayer.

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The Gods: Rebellion, 99¢Forum Thread – A ridiculously good looking Unreal Engine powered brawler for … 99¢? Man, the App Store is weird.

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Grudger, $2.99Forum Thread – A “puzzle-runner hybrid" eh? Thirty levels are included.

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Hell Yeah! Pocket Inferno, 99¢Forum Thread – From the developer of the award-winning console title Hell Yeah! Wrath of the Dead Rabbit comes this Sega-published pocket edition.

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House of the Lost Mini, FreeForum Thread – A really neat looking pint-sized version of House of the Lost, and, hey, it’s even free to try.

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Jack The Giant Slayer, FreeForum Thread – The other half of the freebie promo game release for the movie.


Midgard Rising, FreeForum Thread – A 3D MMORPG, it looks a little rough, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t fun.

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Turbolab Pursuit, FreeForum Thread A “subtle cross" between a runner and a shoot ’em up per the app description sounds just crazy about to try.

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Worm Run, 99¢Forum ThreadForum Thread – A runner where… You’re running from a giant worm, which is probably where the title comes from.

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Year Walk, $3.99Forum Thread – I’m super excited about Simogo’s new title. If you are too, you should probably just download it and not look at anything else about the game to avoid spoiling anything.