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Ski Into Evil Robots in ‘Krashlander’, Launching this Week

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An interesting trailer came through our inbox last week and its stylish look caught my eye. It’s for a game called Krashlander, the first iOS release from Farseer Games, and as strange as it sounds the best comparison I can come up with is it looks like Ski Safari ($0.99) meets Line Rider ($1.99) meets Angry Birds (Free). Or something like that. Evil robots have invaded your world and, for some reason, the only way to fight back is to ski into them. It sounds odd but check out the trailer and it should make some more sense.

I really like the visual style of Krashlander, and though the whole silhouetted thing has been done in other games I still think it looks quite striking, and makes the game pop. There seems to be some deeper mechanics beyond just hurtling yourself into enemies, and I’m anxious to get my hands on the game to check it out for myself. That time will be coming soon too, as Krashlander is set to launch this week. Check out the forum thread for some discussion, and keep your eyes out for Krashlander to hit with this week’s batch of new releases on Wednesday night.

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