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Look out Pixel Art, Here Comes ‘Knitted Deer’

One of my favorite things about the App Store is the games that get released that just leave you sitting there watching the trailer, blinking a couple times, then just saying, “What?" Well, Mandragora Team just totally nailed that reaction with their upcoming 2D runner, Knitted Deer. Wave goodbye to pixel art, and other over-used art styles in iOS, this is a new era my friends, the era of… Knitting.

The forum thread has all sorts of details on the game, including the three levels, “Heaven," “Earth," and “Hell" along with, um, weapon upgrades. The trailer undoubtedly makes the game look a little basic, but we love tipping our proverbial hats at really crazy games, and this definitely seems to be one of those. I mean, come on, you’re practically playing a sweater. No specific dates yet, but Knitted Deer is coming “soon."