New ‘Minecraft Reality’ App Brings Your Minecraft Creations to the Real World, Sort Of

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If you’re the kind of person who has spent a ridiculous amount of time building scale Minecraft replicas of things you wish you had in the real world, Minecraft Reality (Free) is going to be right up your alley. Created by 13th Lab, and officially supported by Mojang, using the app is as simple as uploading your .mca files to the Minecraft Reality site, waiting for them to process, then using the camera on your iOS device to plug things into the real world via augmented reality.

Check out the video:

Minecraft Reality seems pretty cool, although the actual web uploader does seem a little clunky right now. The good news is, said uploader is loaded with messages about a new significantly more user-friendly version coming soon.

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    The application requires a dual core CPU for full performance. The iPhone 4S or later is highly recommended. Full speed …
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