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‘N.Y.Zombies’ Developer Announces ‘Heroes & Castles’, Set to Release Next Month

You would think that after releasing N.Y.Zombies 2 ($0.99) last month, developer Foursaken Media would be taking a well-deserved break, sitting around high-fiving each other on a job well done for a few months. But you’d be wrong. Hot on the heels of that release, the team of brothers has announced their latest project called Heroes & Castles, and it looks to be on the complete opposite end of the spectrum from the gritty, zombie apocalypse setting of their last game.

Heroes & Castles is a 3rd-person game set in a medieval fantasy world, and as Foursaken describes it, it’ll be a “Mix of action, RPG, strategy, and castle defense – seamlessly integrated into one game-play experience!" Normally I might just dismiss that as some PR fluff, but I’ve actually seen first-hand how well Foursaken is at mashing different genres together with their previous release Bug Heroes ($4.99). These dudes know what they’re doing. Check out the trailer.

Other features in Heroes & Castles will include the ability to summon different types of units to lend a hand in battle, build towers and buildings and also upgrade their walls to help fortify the structures, and like N.Y.Zombies 2 there will be co-op multiplayer. Also, you’ll have the option to choose from 3 hero classes that each have their own unique abilities, and customize these characters with items found in random loot drops.

Heroes & Castles definitely looks cool, but it will be really interesting to see how it all comes together and actually plays. We won’t have to wait long to find out, though, as it’s scheduled for a December release, and until then you can chat it up with the developers and fellow gamers in our forums.