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Music-centric RPG ‘Arranger’ Set to Hit this Week

Way back in March we came across a trailer for a very interesting looking upcoming game called Arranger. It had that low-fi pixely look that’s all the rage nowadays and a fantastic chiptune soundtrack to match, not surprising as the game’s developer Arman Bohn is a professional composer first and foremost.

These things lent themselves to the lighthearted vibe in Arranger’s trailer, and I was digging the notion of an RPG-ish adventure focused on music and built around a slew of WarioWare type mini-games.

Yesterday, Arman announced that Arranger will be hitting this week on the 15th, and it will be published by Ayopa Games. In celebration a new trailer has been released, and while it’s pretty similar to the original trailer you can see the forward progress made in the game since we last saw it in March.

I know these sorts of games aren’t for everyone, and there’s a prevalent love-it-or-hate-it feeling towards retro-inspired games that are the hallmark of many indie developers, but in Arranger’s case I think it really adds a lot of charm. I’m keen to get my hands on it and find out how it actually plays, and we’ll have more on Arranger when it arrives later this week.