TA Plays: ‘Hungry Shark Evolution’ – Terrorizing the Ocean, Now in 3D

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You’re probably going to need a bigger boat when you try Hungry Shark Evolution (Free), a brand new 3D sequel to Future Games of London‘s popular Hungry Shark trilogy on iOS. Brad and I jumped in head first with Hungry Shark Evolution, and though the water was cold we warmed our bellies by gobbling up absolutely everything in sight.

I was a pretty big fan of the original Hungry Shark games, as they gave you the freedom to explore interesting underwater environments and there was a survival aspect that had you constantly scouring for food lest you end up floating belly-up at the surface. With Evolution, things have been somewhat freemium’d out and there’s actually the ability to buy diamonds that allow you to continue after dying.

That sort of defeats the whole survival purpose that I liked in the originals, but I still can’t deny that Hungry Shark Evolution is a ton of fun. I’ve been dying for the series to truly get a modern rendition, and visually this delivers on all fronts. The rest of the freemium implementation is your standard “grind for upgrades or pay to speed it up" type of deal, which isn’t too off-putting when the game is as enjoyable as it is.

Might want to hide the kiddies, though, as Hungry Shark Evolution features buckets of over-the-top gore as you chomp through everything from fish, to sea turtles, to humans, right down to other sharks. It’s available now so check it out.

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