Episode 3 of ‘Walking Dead: The Game’ Is Out

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Heads up: the third episode of Telltale Games’ fantastic Walking Dead (Free) series is now out and available on the App Store. Just like the rest of the episodes, it’s a $4.99 in-app purchase accessible via the “Episodes" menu. If you bought the season pass, it’s free.

Episode 3, or as it’s called, Long Road Ahead, revolves around the surviving cast and crew deciding to pack up and bail on Macon, Georgia. The teaser trailer we’ve included in this post shows a few promising scenes, and also makes it plain that a “traitor" is making surviving even more difficult for Lee than it already is.

We haven’t played it yet, but word is that this episode is yet another rough emotional ride. The previous episode really brought the pain, so it’ll be interesting if this one can top the lows we felt. Oh, and we’ll be reviving our review once we can really dig into this episode, so look for that update at the end of the week.

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