TA Plays: ‘Devil’s Attorney’ – A Comical Courtroom Battler

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Earlier this morning, Eli and I checked out Devil’s Attorney ($4.99). It’s hard to pin a genre on this, but gun to our heads: it’s a turn-based card battler, except instead of cards you use charm, wit, and tomfoolery to dent opponents’ charisma (HP) and win cases. Also, the action is set in courtrooms, as opposed to fantasy playing fields. Oh! Another thing that’s different: there’s also a ton of humorous dialogue and a neat perk system that hinges on obtaining items for your apartment.

Really, Devil’s Attorney is its own thing. You take on cases, duke it out, and then take on more while enjoying some genuinely entertaining dialogue. You need to see it to get a handle on it, which is a good thing since we’ve got this video and all.

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