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Ravenous Games Wants to Give You a ‘Beatdown’ on Your iOS Device

On the iOS platform, Ravenous Games have proven that they can nail virtual controls, produce fabulous pixel art graphics, and deliver various brands of action consistently. They did it with the speedrun-centric platformer League of Evil ($2.99), they ramped up the combat with weapons in Random Heroes (Free), and they’re about to tackle the beat ’em up genre with their upcoming game Beatdown. Check out the trailer.

It has a similar vibe to something like Double Dragon, but the combat doesn’t appear quite as complex and it reminds me more of the simplistic button mashers X-Men ($0.99) or Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles in that regard. A beat ’em up with the awesome Ravenous Games style sounds like a match made in heaven, though, and we can’t wait to check out Beatdown which Ravenous hopes to launch sometime next month.