TA Plays: ‘Wimp’ – A 2D Physics-Based Puzzle Platformer Starring A Blob Thing

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This afternoon, Eli and I sat down with Wimp: Who Stole My Panties (Free). It’s a 2D, physics-based puzzle platforming game, emphasis on the latter. In the game, you play as Wimp, a weird little mutant person thing stuck in a ball of slime. Across the game’s dozens and dozens of levels, you’ll be tasked with collecting rolls of toilet paper and what apparently is a pair of panties but totally looks more like a diaper. Most of the puzzles in the early game revolve around finding levers and pushing buttons, but there’s also a lot of box moving and scaling. And sticking — Wimp can also stick to surfaces.

We’ll continue digging into Wimp for a review, but we’ve got this if you want to see what’s up with the game now:

POST-VID UPDATE: hey, apparently you can customize the controls. How about that?

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