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‘Ravensword: Shadowlands’ Continues To Look Like A Game We’d Like To Play In Latest Trailer

Ravensword 2 or, as its called now Ravensword: Shadowlands, is an upcoming open-world RPG being produced by Crescent Moon Games. From all indications, it’s going to blow the first game out of the water, its scale and scope appearing to be that much more tremendous. You’ll be able to wander freely around a diverse fantasy world, looting chests and slaying bad guys, while experiencing top-notch visuals and adventuring on many a quest.

At least, that’s the impression the game’s first teaser trailer in a while is giving us. And now you can watch it, too, via the magic of the Internet. Just look below:

It’s hard to keep our expectations in check on this one. It could be The Elder Scrolls of mobile RPGs, which just seems to be crazy to consider. We’ll see for sure later this year when Shadowlands hits in Q4.