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You Need to Stop What You’re Doing and Watch These Two Videos for The Upcoming ‘Devil’s Attorney’

If you’re not familiar with 1337 Game Design, I’m about to drop a history bomb on you: Back in 2009, when the App Store was largely still in its infancy, games with high production values were few and far between. Sure, you’d see art and sound design that were easy to describe as “polished" or other tired cliches, but Dark Nebula ($0.99) sort of redefined what to expect out of iOS game quality. Crazier yet, the gameplay mechanic the game leaned on was little more than a ball roller. Dark Nebula – Episode 2 ($1.99) is even better, and even though they’re both old, I highly recommend checking them out.

Anyway, we’ve been wondering what the dudes at 1337 Game Design have been up to since then, and today we have our answer. It turns out they’re making a legal-themed turned based strategy game that looks like what you’d get if you took the foundations found in Phoenix Wright ($4.99), and turned that whole concept up to 11, adding tons of humor along the way. It’s called Devil’s Attorney, and it looks Amazing. Here’s the intro trailer:

Additionally, they’ve put together a second trailer that dives deeper into the game, even showing a bit of gameplay and the hilarious “attacks" you can execute and the upgrades you’re able to get. (Decadence +1!)

Devil’s Attorney looks amazing, and it’s on the top of my personal most anticipated games list. The good news is, per the game’s site (which also has some screenshots), Devil’s Attorney is being released on October 11th. With any luck, we’ll be able to dive into the game before then.