Video: The iPhone 5 Really Does Load ‘Asphalt 7’ Twice as Fast Versus the 4S

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Gameloft’s Asphalt 7 ($4.99) is among the many games that have been updated to support the iPhone 5. It doesn’t play a whole lot different from its smaller-screened counterpart but once I was recording video of it the immensely faster load times became increasingly obvious. In loading the game from the springboard to getting to the menu as well as loading from the menu to the actual game is twice as fast on the iPhone 5.

Performance inside of the game actually seems fairly comparable, both have high frame rates although the iPhone 5 offers a completely solid framerate while the iPhone 4S drops frames every so often. It’s a little more difficult to compare actual gameplay performance, but you really can’t argue with those load times.

In our experience testing other games today, load times seems significantly faster across the board, making the iPhone 5 one heck of an upgrade.

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