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‘Burrito Bison’ for iOS Will Finally Launch on October 4th, New Trailer Released

iOS is home to a slew of those “launch and see how long you can go” type of flinging games, and for some stupid reason I always end up really liking them. I’m not sure what it is, there’s just something fun about that type of game and the genre fits in well with mobile gaming.

One of the most endeared flinging games is Juicy Beast’s Burrito Bison, which started life as a Flash game that amassed a pretty huge following. All the way back in May of last year, Juicy Beast announced that they had partnered with Ravenous Games to bring a version of Burrito Bison to iOS, where it seemed a natural fit.

We interviewed Juicy Beast just a few days following that announcement, where they dished on the inspirations behind Burrito Bison’s creation and divulged that they created the game with the iPhone in mind from the very start. They also said the game should be out sometime that summer.

Well, if you’re pretty good at using calendars, you should know that it’s been over a year since Burrito Bison was supposed to release on iOS. After teasing us this past April that the project was still alive and well, Juicy Beast and Ravenous have today announced that Burrito Bison is at long last set to hit the App Store on October 4th. Here’s a new trailer.

During development last year, Juicy Beast stated that the iOS version would contain some additional content beyond what the Flash version offered. We’re not totally sure what that will entail, but we’re excited to find out, and we’ll be marking our calendars with a big red “X” on October 4th when Burrito Bison finally gets into our greasy hands.