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Ubisoft Reveals ‘Rayman Jungle Run’ Hitting iOS September 20th

Everybody’s favorite no-limbed ‘90s hero Rayman made a triumphant return to form with last year’s Rayman Origins, and today Ubisoft announced that they’re spreading that goodness over to iOS in the form of a spinoff game called Rayman Jungle Run. It’s a side-scrolling runner, as you can imagine, that runs off of the same engine that powered Rayman Origins, so you know it’s looking mighty good.

Rayman was one of the only things that justified my Atari Jaguar ownership in the mid ’90s, and I’ve had a soft spot for him ever since. Rayman Jungle Run seems like a good fit for the mobile touch screen, though I sure wouldn’t mind just having a straight port of Origins or get some kind of iOS love for the upcoming Rayman Legends. Regardless, I’ll still really be looking forward to Rayman Jungle Run when it hits on September 20th.

[Via Pocketgamer]