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‘1-Bit Ninja’ Creator Announces New Puzzle Game, ‘Oh Hi! Octopi!’

1-Bit Ninja creator Kode 80 has announce its next game, Oh Hi Octopi. It’s a puzzle game that tasks you, as a cute little blue dude armed with a mallet, with matching colors in a construct that reminds us of that two-player level in the original Mario.

In the game, a stream of Octopi rain down into the stage. In the center of it, there’s a button that, when you bash it, releases a paint bubble. With that bubble, you can change the color of an Octopi or remove one entirely if the colors match. The more you can link together and change, the higher your score.

And oh god is it cute.

We’re told that Oh Hi Octopi is due out this coming Thursday across iPhone and iPad, so look forward to it soon. We’ll have more then.