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‘Tengami’ Gets a Trailer and a Nod from the IndieCade Awards

Just a couple of days ago we showed you a behind the scenes look at Tengami, an upcoming adventure game from Nyamyam Studios that features an incredible world digitally built in papercraft style with a traditional Japanese aesthetic. I thought it looked simply amazing, and that feeling is even stronger after checking out their first official gameplay trailer which you can see right here.

Tengami is still slated for release sometime next year, which seems like a woefully long time to wait, but with such an ambitious and unique kind of project I’m down to just kick back and let the team do their thing until the game is ready to roll. I won’t enjoy the wait, but I’ll begrudgingly accept it.

Another thing worth mentioning is that Tengami landed a nominee for a 2012 IndieCade Award. There are actually loads of great iOS games that were nominated, so check out the full list right here and we’ll be sure to let you know what iOS titles take home the prize when the awards are given out in early October.