Rovio Teams Up With Green Day, You Know, The Band

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The Guardian has the skinny on what might be the silliest Angry Birds cross-promotion yet. Rovio has been pushing the Angry Birds brand to the limit with tie-ins with pistachios and a bazillion other things ranging from band-aids to graham crackers. Now, they’re working with the punk trio Green Day to promote Green Day’s upcoming album ¡Uno!.

Unfortunately, the pack of ten Green Day levels are only available in the Facebook game. Details are vague on when (if ever) the Green Day levels are coming to the iOS version of the game. Per The Guardian and Rovio Marketing Chief, Peter Vesterbacka-

For now, the levels will only be available in the Facebook game, rather than the iOS and Android versions of Angry Birds Friends. Vesterbacka hinted that the partnership may extend to mobile devices in the future, though.

“We haven’t announced anything besides the Facebook stuff that is live now, but we view this as a first step in a much bigger co-operation," he said. “Our fans and Green Day’s fans should expect more of the same surprise and delight. We always want to surprise people!"

Take a look at the trailer:

So, yeah, that’s a thing that is happening.

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