TA Plays: ‘Pitfall!’ – A New Endless Runner Based on The 1982 Classic ‘Temple Run’ …Wait

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Earlier this morning, Eli and I spent some time with Pitfall! (Free), the re-imagined take on the classic game from Activision’s new mobile publishing arm. In brief, Pitfall! is a behind-the-back endless runner where you, as a brave faceless adventurer, are tasked with jumping over and sliding under obstacles in a desperate effort to avoid volcano juice. It’s an interesting direction to take Pitfall, for sure.

There’s a couple of notable “me too" features, including a dual in-game economy. As you run, you’ll earn coins that you can cash in for upgrades and single-use items. You can also just straight-up buy these currencies with IAP.

Probably the coolest about Pitfall! is its perspective shifts. As you run, you’ll rotate between normal behind-the-back and a pulled out, traditional third-person perspective. The game also sports checkpoints, which is a hip idea.

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