TA Plays: ‘Wizorb’ – A 2D Brick Breaker With Cool RPG Elements

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Earlier this afternoon, Eli and I gave Wizorb ($2.99) a spin. It’s a brick breaking game that has you swinging a paddle to and fro, banging balls into blocks. You play as a wizard who can morph into the ball you’re using. His wand is your paddle.

This game’s overarching systems make it interesting. Broken blocks drop coins. You can use these coins to rebuild the wizard’s town, which has been devastated by demons. You can visit this town and explore its contents, similar to how you would in a JRPG.

Also, your wizard is equipped with magic. You can toss fireballs at blocks, spin your ball a certain direction, or teleport the ball to a specific location. Because these actions soak up mana, you’re constantly making decisions: use it now or hold off, in case you don’t see a random mana drop for a while.

Fun story: Wizorb‘s release this morning was an accident. But, hey, it’s out. And we played it. We’ll have a review soon-ish, too.

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