Original ‘Angry Birds’ Updated with New Levels and Power-ups, Finally Gets iPad Retina Support

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Hey, remember that game Angry Birds (Free) that you bought for a dollar (or two dollars if you happened to buy it during a 10 day span in February 2010)? The one that’s been updated more than 20 times since its release nearly 3 years ago? Yeah, that one. Well, it’s gotten yet another update, and it’s quite a doozy. How’s that for a return on a one (or two) dollar investment?

The original Angry Birds and the iPad’s Angry Birds HD (Free) have been updated with 15 new levels for the tropically themed Surf and Turf chapter, which was first added in an update earlier this year. It’s always fun ruining the Pigs’ time while they’re on vacation.

As cool as getting new levels always is, the really interesting thing in this update is the set of 4 new power-ups. Super Seeds increase the size of your birds, making them more destructive. King Sling makes your slingshot larger and more powerful, and the Sling Scope gives you a laser guide for your shot. Finally, my favorite power-up is the Birdquake which shakes the entire level making the structures looser and easier to topple over.

The way this power-up system works is you’re allowed to use each one once per level. As you probably guessed you can buy these power-ups via IAP, but you also get a random one for free once per day. The first time you boot up Angry Birds after updating you’ll get 5 each of every power-up for free so you can try them out and see what they do.

For Angry Birds HD there’s a bonus surprise as this update also includes Retina Display support for the new iPad. It should go without saying but the game looks much better on the new iPad now. With all the support its seen including this new update, Angry Birds might just be the best bang for your buck on the entire App Store.

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