‘Dead Trigger’ Goes Free-to-Play On iOS

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Dead Trigger (Free) has gone free-to-play on iPhone and iPad as of this morning. This appears to be a permanent design shift for the mindless first-person shooter, which always felt like a free-to-play game hiding behind a premium price. No reason has been given so far as to the sudden change, but it makes sense: Dead Trigger‘s in-game financial model was far too demanding considering its initial upfront cost.

This change comes alongside a new content update, which added a few new guns, gadgets, and two levels. A new “casino" slot machine has been added, too, as well as the usual bug fixes and tweaks. A list of all the changes is available here.

Dead Trigger went free-to-play on Android in July. At the time, Madfinger said the move was a response to an insane piracy rate. Maybe it was. But it smelled like a publicity stunt, and we openly wondered when this version would go free, too.

Anyway, burning early adopters with a sudden price drop never seems to go over well, but if you’re looking for a killer tech demo to see what your phone is capable of now you can do that for free.

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