TA Plays: ‘Shellrazer’ – A 2D, Side-Scrolling Shooter With A Really Big Turtle

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Earlier this lovely morning, Eli and I have Shellrazer [99¢] a spin. It’s a 2D, side-scrolling shooter that puts you behind the … wheel of a “war turtle" as it makes its annual trek across Goblin civilization. War Turtles are a little like siege engines, except with guns. Like, a lot of guns. In the game, you’ll tear through the goblin world’s archaic defenses — makeshift zeppelins, bows, and cannons — with advanced artillery, munitions, and even magic. It’s a little overkill, but controlling a seemingly unstoppable thing seems to be the point.

Simple swipe and multi-touch controls ensure that every bullet you send out counts. When you feel like your guns do need a little work, though, you can upgrade them or make them more effective with special items. You can buy items or upgrades with coins, which are earned as you play or available as optional IAP.

It all sounds simple, but Shellrazer is a heck of a game, and we’re thinking a lot of you are going to dig it. Go ahead and give it a look just below:

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