Finally, Someone Releases An Epic Meal Time Game

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Earlier this morning, I spent some time with Epic Meal Time [$1.99] the video game. It’s a super casual, almost … mini-game like experience that has you tossing food into the host of the YouTube sensation’s mouth as it rains down from the top of the playing area. The more junk food you manage to put into his maw, the greater your score. But, you have to be delicate. Healthy foods like carrots are also falling. Jam too many of these kinds of foods into his hole, and you’ll lose the game.

It’s an interesting take on the show. It gets down to its essence, at least: horrible food and the eating of it. If you’re a fan, consider giving it a run, as it’s definitely tuned in to the show’s unique sense humor. On the other hand, you should skip this if you’re a hater. Your enjoyment will hinge on the fan service. Screens below:

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