TA Plays: ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ – Gameloft’s Official Batman Movie Tie-In Character Action Game

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Earlier this morning, Eli and I played a healthy chunk of The Dark Knight Rises [$6.99]. It’s a character action game, and the official movie tie-in video game. In it, you play as the Batman as he takes on Bane and hundreds and hundreds of his thugs. Following closely to the plot of the movie, you’ll find yourself beating up a lot of dudes in scenarios that tend to fit in with the progression of the flick. Considering this, you shouldn’t watch us play this thing if you’re sensitive to The Dark Knight Rises spoilers.

Like most Gameloft releases, this game owes a lot to another developer’s work. In this case, The Dark Knight is basically a clunky take on Batman Arkham City, as it rocks an open-ish city to explore, gargoyles to jump around on, and tons of Bat gadgets to use whenever you do leave the shadows and look for a fight.

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