Robot Entertainment Releases New Images of ‘Team Fortress 2’ Team Coming to ‘Hero Academy’ This August

Robot Entertainment has released some hip new images of Hero Academy‘s newest army, the Team Fortress 2 “heroic" team. The game’s blog breaks down specifically what they can do, but we’re guessing that you probably already have a decent idea. Word is, Team Fortress 2 is kind of a popular video game.

If you’re not in the loop, this is a PC-exclusive army that will launch alongside the game’s upcoming release on that platform. If you get the PC version, however, you will be able to use these guys on iPad and iPhone. Also, anything you purchased on iPhone or iPad will automatically be unlocked on your PC version of the game.

Today’s release of images also comes with a cool announcement: a new playing field will be introduced to the PC version of the game. It’s called “Well," and yep, it’s inspired by Team Fortress 2 as well. A screen of this level is available below.

Also of note: buying Hero Academy armies in the PC version will unlock cosmetic stuff in your copy of Team Fortress 2.

Hero Academy on PC launches this August 8. The Universal version of the game for mobile launched in January this year. People still love it, and we dug it, too.