‘Rodman FT’ Gives Us A Chance To Be As Bad As We Want To Be In 2012

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This is why we love the App Store. The other afternoon, developer Tantrum Solutions shot us a note announcing that it has released a Dennis Rodman video game in 2012. Rodman FT [Free], as it’s called, puts you in the shoes of “The Worm," and has you shooting free-throws as fast as possible across four different arenas. Mechanically, it’s more similar to one of those physical arcade basketball games than any game-game we’ve seen.

Oh and check this: the game’s “photorealistic" Rodman looks like he is being rendered from a bunch of pre-recorded video files. That’s right — we have a brand new FMV game on our hands. We’ve got a video of the game in action below. In it, you’ll learn a lot more about the game’s pay structure and get some general commentary on Rodman FT. Check it:

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