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‘Spiral’ is Still Alive and Kicking, First Episode Slated for Later this Year

During GDC this past March, we checked out a really interesting demo for an upcoming action-RPG from Pixel Hero Games called Spiral. This Unreal Engine powered game looked especially nice even in that early state, carrying with it a more stylized, anime-inspired aesthetic. It played well, too, with a fully gesture-based combat system and controls built directly for the touch screen. Things have been relatively quiet with Spiral since then, but the developers have finally put together a proper trailer to show the game in motion.

The story in Spiral revolves around your character Tempus who is an investigator trying to figure out why a disease called Spiral has broken out amongst the population and caused them to lose all sense of civility towards one another. Tempus has his own problems, though, as he finds out he is actually intertwined in a plot to destroy the world, and I’d guess the Spiral disease plays a major part in that. It all sounds quite interesting, and will play out episodically. In addition to the story, an Arena mode will allow you to jump in and get your combat fix when that particular mood strikes.

No word on how many episodes will make up Spiral, or what the pricing structure will be, but Pixel Hero expects the first episode to hit sometime in Q4 of this year, and you can hit out forums for some discussion until then.