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WWDC: ‘Thirsty Fish’ – An Upcoming Fish Rescuing Game

The interesting theme of WWDC this week is games that are coming soon. And, by soon, I mean soon. I got to take a quick look at it at WWDC and the mechanic is actually pretty cool. Check out the trailer:

In a nutshell, you’re running your net through the ocean to pick up gold coins, and in the process, you’ve picked up a bunch of fish in your net. Being an environmentally conscious treasure hunter, you’ve got to cut them loose. So, with a swiping gesture you cut the net as if your finger were a knife, but you’ve got to maintain the net around the gold coins for your treasure haul.

It’s one of those delightfully simple games that just works incredibly well for those quick 30 second play sessions while standing in line or something similar. Thirsty Fish is scheduled to be released as soon as it’s approved by Apple, which could be any day now.