Mobigame’s ‘Zombie Carnaval’ is Now Available

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This sort of slipped under our radar of weekly releases, but Mobigame’s newest title Zombie Carnaval (Free) is now available worldwide in the App Store. Zombie Carnaval is the studio’s take on the auto-runner, and despite both that genre and zombies themselves being entirely overdone on iOS, there’s actually some really interesting mechanics going on in the game.

You start as a lone zombie stampeding through 7 different worldwide locations. As you come across human survivors, you give them a healthy chomp which turns them into a zombie that then joins in on your run. After a bit, you can amass a healthy group of zombies, all running and jumping in unison not totally unlike another runner I really enjoy Grim Joggers ($3.99).

Zombies will inevitably be lost due to death pits or other hazards along the way, but as long as you have at least one zombie still intact the game continues on. Some hazards that try to impede your progress can be overcome if you have enough zombies in your group. For example, if you come across a car blocking your path and have at least 4 zombies in tow you’ll pick up and destroy the car rather than be stopped by it (while turning the helpless driver into a zombie in the process. Sweet.)

There’s also a variety of power-ups that can be collected during your journey, as well as an entire shop full of item that can be purchased with coins collected during play (or bought via IAP, of course). There’s a meta-mission system too, similar to that in Jetpack Joyride (Free) which gives you a constant stream of mini goals to achieve during your runs. Finally, as you can see from the trailer, Zombie Carnaval has a wacky, cartoonish art style that really exudes personality.

We’ll be digging into Zombie Carnaval to really get to the nitty gritty of what it’s all about, but our first impressions are that this is another high quality effort in the same vein as the rest of Mobigame’s catalog. Our forum members are enjoying it as well, and if Zombie Carnaval looks like your cup of tea it’s available right now for just a buck.

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