‘Infinity Blade 2’ Now Cheaper In Celebration Of ‘Vault of Tears’ Release

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Some studios never drop the prices on their games, while other studios, like Epic and Chair Entertainment, do it rarely. Case in point: Infinity Blade 2 [$2.99] has seen only one price drop since its launch in November 2011. Today, marks only the second time Epic and Chair have fiddled with the price, as the app has shot down to $2.99. If you’re one of those people who have been waiting for a massive price drop, this is probably as low as it’ll go for at least another couple of months. Probably.

This sale, of course, is in celebration of the release of the game’s latest expansion, Vault of Tears. The new area, which has a ton of new monsters and items, is available now as a part of a free update that also adds a treasure map and an annoying sounding new social media tie-in that gives Twitter and Facebook users the power to participate in ClashMob events without actually playing up the game.

We’ll be giving Vault of Tears a spin as soon as we can find where the content has been buried. Maybe the adventure in attempting to access it is where “tears" part of its name comes from.

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