Hey, That’s A Lot: ‘Angry Birds’ Downloaded One Billion Times

In this week’s edition of “How Many People Have Downloaded Angry Birds," we’re proud to share this interesting little fact: Angry Birds has now been downloaded over one billion times. Developer Rovio Mobile announced the stunning download number this morning, but didn’t note specifics as usual. However, because the numbers on previous benchmarks line up, it’s safe to assume this is a combined number of downloads across every iteration of the game and the insane number of platforms they’re available on. Seriously, you can get these games wherever: browser, PSP Minis, your mom’s TV; whatever.

It’s no secret that Rovio is working on some sort of new IP, and the studio gave a “sneak peek" in its celebratory one billion Angry Birds download video, which debuted today, too. Check it out:

As eagle-eyed Jeff Scott over at 148apps points out, the kid at the end of the trailer is none other than Casey from Casey’s Contraptions ($2.99). Everyone involved so far seems to be being fairly coy with the details, so it remains to be seen whether Rovio is simply publishing a Casey’s sequel, if they’re taking the IP over, or something in between. I suppose we’ll have to just wait and see.