‘The Heist’ Now Offering ‘Puzzle Agent’ And ‘World of Goo’ as Bonuses

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Even though The Heist‘s [$.99] puzzle design is sharp enough to stand up alongside some of the better puzzle games on the App Store, its post-game rewards are still what makes waves. If you play and beat all of The Heist’s puzzles, you’ll be given codes for actual Steam titles, which have generally been worth more than the app itself. It’s a neat idea, and now its offerings have been expanded. Starting now, Puzzle Agent and World of Goo can be won by completing the game.

Developer tap tap tap’s math wizards say these two prizes, alongside a third game called Eets, total up to $25 worth of gaming goodness. The Heist is currently sitting at $.99, which makes this entire package something of a, uh, decent value.

A word of caution: World of Goo is only being award to the first 25,000 users who make it to 100 percent completion. Play fast!

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