UPDATE: ‘SpellTower’ Multiplayer Update Hitting Soon

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In tomorrow’s update for SpellTower [$1.99], creator Zach Gage is giving fans a lot of reasons to stick with his beautiful word game. On top of adding new iPad support, night colors, tweaks, and various fixes, Gage is finally implementing a bluetooth battle mode, which looks as great as it sounds. We’ve got video of it just below, in fact.

If you’ve somehow missed out on SpellTower, now’s a good of time as ever to take the plunge. It’s a remarkable word game with a ton of clever puzzle games and its designed with elegance in mind. It ended up being one of our Game of the Year contenders, as it was easily the standout word game of 2011. Give it a look.

UPDATE: Sometimes things don’t go as planned, unfortunately. Some approval process stuff is holding back the update. The new release date is April 12th.

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