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Obliterate the Brains of Woodland Animals with X-Ray Mode in the Upcoming ‘Deer Hunter Reloaded’

Assuming my math is correct and the curators of the Wikipedia listing are on the ball, including the various compilations there have been 23 different Deer Hunter titles. When you reach ten entries in a series, you’ve got to really start thinking outside the box to come up with new things to keep the lineage fresh. When you hit 20, you’ve got to get really crazy, and when you hit 24 (again, assuming the Wikipedians are doing their job) you apparently have to implement X-Ray mode.

Check it out in the trailer:

As far as I can tell, the killer new feature of the “Reloaded" game is the ability to flip down your X-Ray specs and aim directly for the brain, heart, or lungs of your prey. Hunting games have always been sort of borderline when it comes to grotesque brutality, especially in recent installments as point systems have been implemented, rewarding the player for a flawless stream of headshots fired upon a group of deer wandering through the woods, but this… This is something else. It almost seems over the line, even for this hardcore veteran of the worst shock sites the Internet has to offer.

Deer Hunter Reloaded should be available soon as a free to play title, featuring sixteen upgradeable weapons ranging from rifles to shotguns and even handguns for your brain-blasting pleasure. You’ll also be able to tweak out your avatar with all sorts of different hunter swag.

What do you guys think about this? X-Ray mode seems a little over the top, right? Or am I just being uncharacteristically sensitive about this?

[via Pocket Gamer]