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DogByte’s ‘8-Bit Ninja’ Looks Pretty Rad

If you’ve been whining for an extra bits update in 1-Bit Ninja [$1.99Lite], you can stop now. DogByte Games has you covered on that front, as its new ninja game, creatively titled 8-Bit Ninja, has SEVEN MORE BITS. That’s, like, a lot.

Seriously, though, you should check this out. Taking place in a world where ninjas have tournaments that don’t involve men with metal plates stapled to their heads, you play as a variety of tiny ninjas tasked with evading fruit after a demonstration of ninja-ness goes sideways. We’ve got some footage just below:

8-Bit Ninja will be free and it’s due out at some point next month. We’re going to bring you more on it in the near future, for sure.