Developer PSA: Unity’s Mobile Add-On Licenses Free Until April 8th

As if there wasn’t already enough reasons out there to love the Unity game engine, and its whole development environment, try this on for size: Until April 8th, the add-on licenses to build iOS and Android games using Unity are totally free.

The main Unity tool kit has always been free, but limited to exporting your games to the PC. If you want to get rid of the Unity splash screens and pick up some additional advanced features in the process, the Unity Pro license runs $1,500. Regardless of whether or not you used the Pro version or the free version, exporting to an iOS (or Android) game was a $400 add-on.

If you even have a vague interest of dabbling in building a mobile game, this is an offer you need to take advantage of. It’s not every day you can save $800 on software. Head over to the Unity store and secure your license while you can.