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GDC 2012: Hands-On With ‘Colorgon’

Here’s a hip one that might interest puzzle game fans. Trigger Happy Labs is close to releasing its first title, a casual color-based matching game called Colorgon. Like a 2D version of a Rubik’s cube, the title has its users rotating colored blocks to form a chain of perfect pairs. The faster the better.

We saw the game earlier this afternoon, and were impressed with its UI direction. This specific element is as stripped down as the rest of the game, which, conveniently was the point of the entire project. Designer Mikael Tyrsen wanted a simple and beautiful, as well as time-wasting type of title. Mission accomplished so far.

Colorgon is slated to hit at some point within the next four weeks. It’ll launch as a Universal app, and incorporate Game Center and Facebook.