‘League of Evil 2’ Gets Major Tweaks in Latest Update

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On Valentine’s Day last month, League of Evil 2 [$2.99/Lite] launched in the App Store and into our hearts. The sequel to one of the best iOS platformers around didn’t mess too much with what was a winning formula, and instead offered up over 100 new levels of similar bite-sized hardcore platforming wrapped up in shiny new HD visuals. Whether you liked the new graphics or preferred the original’s pixel art, one thing that was certain was that League of Evil 2 offered up a ton more great platforming gameplay, something we appreciated in our review.

The one caveat to this was a curious omission of a feature from the first game. In the original League of Evil, you could run off of a platform and then double jump right out of the air, something that was essential in beating some of the extreme level times in the game. In League of Evil 2, you could still do a mid-air jump, but just one of them. Needless to say, this change caused a pretty big headache for people who were used to that feature, and since the League of Evil games are based around twitch gameplay, it was difficult to not instinctively try double jumping in the air over, and over, and over again.

Ravenous Games has heard this feedback and as of today’s update the original mid-air double jump is back in business in League of Evil 2. Another big change is a reworking of the 3-star completion times for many of the levels. The first League of Evil could be face-meltingly difficult, but this sequel was even harder, and in some cases impossible. Ravenous has gone back and ensured that the 3-star times in all levels are attainable now. Hopefully nobody out there banged their head into the wall too hard while trying to obtain 3-star times prior to this update.

There is the usual plethora of random tweaks and fixes in this update as well, but the big ticket items are the double jump fix and reworked level times. If you’ve been holding off on really diving into League of Evil 2 until things felt back to normal, you should be good to go after grabbing the new update.

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