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New ‘Rune Raiders’ Trailer Appears

Ah, the all-seeing eye is pleased with this. Earlier this morning, we were turned on by a new trailer for Retro64’s upcoming release, Rune Raiders. It’s a turn-based strategy game with light RPG elements. Situated more like a board game than anything else, it’s a title that focuses more on appropriate skill usage than simple strategic placements and your usual tactical fantasy stuff. In the game, you’ll control up to 12 fighters, all of which will have their own special weapons, damage, armor, and speeds, across 15 levels. It’s due to hit in a couple of weeks, and beta testing is currently underway.

Get a taste of what we’re talking about just below. It must suck to be evil in a fantasy world, by the way. Every time a grand plan starts moving along smoothly, a ragtag band of warriors and healers and mages show up and screw everything up. We bet evil insurance rates are through the guild roof.