‘Batman Arkham City Lockdown’ Gets a Big Update

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So back in early December, we were kind of caught off guard when Batman Arkham City Lockdown [$5.99] hit the App Store. There had literally been zero hype for the title previously, and to top it off it was developed by Mortal Kombat studio NetherRealm using the Unreal Engine, which was surprising but great at the same time. Besides the interesting peripheral elements though, Arkham City Lockdown itself was actually pretty outstanding.

It used a slightly dumbed-down version of Infinity Blade style combat, but came packed with an interesting character progressions system with tons of upgradeable items and abilities. Maybe an even more important point was that it just oozed that Batman character through every facet of its visuals and presentation, adding a lot of fan appeal to the gameplay.

Today Arkham City Lockdown received its second update, with the most significant addition being a new section of the city, the Industrial District, which features Harley Quinn and new “timed thug fights." There’s also a new Batarang mini-game and two new character skins, one for Bruce Wayne which is free and one for Batman Inc which is $.99. Finally, the update gets rounded out with a level cap that has been raised from 30 to 35, additional achievements to earn, and a new Critical Strike branch to upgrade inside of the Waynetech combat training.

All in all a pretty nice update for Batman Arkham City Lockdown. Make sure to check it out, and hopefully NetherRealm has even more Batman updates planned for the future.

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