‘Squids’ Receives New Missions, New Squid In Update

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Thought we’d squirt this information to you real fast-like: The Game BakersSquids [$1.99], a real-time strategy RPG with some of the best art we’ve seen on iPad and iPhone, has been updated with four new missions, four additional helmets, more pearls, and a new recruit named Jammer. Jammer, as described by The Game Bakers, is “fast, very fast."

New content is cool and all, but we’re guessing fans will dig some of the technical and game-side tweaks. Starting with this update, users can download the game’s music from an in-game menu option. Also, now if players use an item and fail a mission, Squids no longer steals that item from you. Making war fair, these guys.

[Thanks, Oats!]

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