Freebie Alert – ‘Puzzle Prism’ and ‘Puzzle Cosmos’ from Ponos

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PUZZLE PRISM, $2.99 - [Review] – Many of you out there might be familiar with developer Ponos from their “Mr." series of games, like Mr.Ninja or Mr.Oops!!, but some old school iOS gamers would remember them from their first App Store title Puzzle Prism. The best way to describe Puzzle Prism is it’s like Tetris but in a 3D tower. Blocks fall from above into a 2×2 tower which can be rotated and accessed from all sides. You place the sometimes oddly shaped pieces into the tower trying to make completed “floors" of the tower, which would cause them to disappear. The game ends if the tower reaches past a certain height.

PUZZLE COSMOS, $2.99 - [Review] – Puzzle Prism was quite simply a brilliant concept, and it was executed well with touch screen swipe and drag controls. Ponos then followed up Puzzle Prism in mid-2010 with another puzzle game, Puzzle Cosmos [Free]. This time, if we’re sticking to comparisons to similar games, Puzzle Cosmos felt like a mashup of Tetris and Lumines. Much more complex and frantic than Puzzle Prism, but highly strategic and very satisfying when you can do well. It’s the kind of game that won’t appeal to everyone, but those that get into it will be in for a treat.

Something that does appeal to everyone however is that both Puzzle Prism and Puzzle Cosmos are free right now. Neither of these games have ever been free before, and I can remember people waffling back and forth years ago about whether or not to drop the “high" price of $3.99 for Puzzle Prism. It did eventually see its share of sales, but I was one of those who bought it at full price and never regretted it. To not give either of these titles a shot while they’re currently free would be criminal, so be sure to get them while the getting’s good as Ponos didn’t specify how long the freebie promotion is going to last.


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